Sleeping with the Enemy (1991)


Drama/Thriller. Wealthy Laura and Martin Burney have a passionate marriage. Martin's passion manifests itself in a need for complete control and order, which in turn results in violence against Laura when that control and order is lost. This violence is generally followed by an act of controlled forgiveness. She is scared of his violent tendencies, which are hidden underneath a public veneer of perfection. A non-swimming Laura supposedly drowns during a sailing accident. The accident however was really a premeditated escape plan by a swimming-able and still alive Laura, who knew that Martin would never allow her to leave him as long as she was alive. Rechristening herself Sarah Waters, Laura travels from their Cape Cod home to Cedar Falls, Iowa to be closer to her blind, wheelchair-bound and nursing home residing mother, who Martin believes is dead. Director: Joseph Ruben, Writers: Nancy Price & Ronald Bass. Starring: Julia Roberts, Patrick Bergin & Kevin Anderson. Local Film Locations: Docks in front of Bald Head Island Management Administration Building, 6 Marina Wynd, Bald Head Island.


6 Marina Wynd
Bald Head Island, North Carolina 28461
United States

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