SCORE Panel Discussion Focus on Digital Marketing

November 08, 2019

Thank you to the SCORE Mentors for providing excellent information about digital marketing at the last panel discussion at the Southport Oak Island Chamber of Commerce-Welcome Center for 2019.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization essentially means getting people to your website. It is important to have a good site with links from your social media accounts to your site. Make sure each page is relevant to your business. Use tools to determine what keywords people are using to find your business and then add those keywords to your site. Videos are key; photo slideshows count as a video.


Google My Business – free tool provided to business owners. Every business should claim their listing. Your listing should include photos (with keywords), a robust description of your business stating your unique value proposition, a video and your listing should be updated every 7 days.


It is important to maintain a website with current content. Businesses should spend no less than 5 hours per week on Digital Marketing. Stay focused on one strategy for 60-90 days, refine the strategy before moving to the next one.


Final thoughts from each panelist:

Josh – Be Tough. Be a soldier for your business.

Toya – Be consistent. Use good tools.

Adrian – Be careful of the shiny objects; don’t get overwhelmed. Educate yourself on digital marketing even if you hire someone to do the work for you.