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April 09, 2020

NC Maritime Museum at Southport

Southport, North Carolina stands at one of the world's crossroads, where the mighty Cape Fear River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Her past is tied to both the river and the sea. It is a story of exploration, piracy and commerce; of pilotage, salvage and fishing. The North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport tells the story of the Cape Fear region's people and their relationship to the water... a tale of tides, wind and ocean.

NC Maritime Display Hall

A Megalodon Prehistoric shark tooth display, wonder at a 2,000 year old canoe once used by the Cape Fear Regions Siouan speaking people, learn of local pirate and ship building history and much more.

Up Periscope:  A 33-foot, Type 14 periscope, which came from the USS Dolphin, a nuclear research vessel used for deepwater tasks, is now up and operating, giving visitors a hands-on experience. Housed inside the exhibit hall and facing the windows overlooking the Cape Fear River Inlet and Atlantic Ocean, it offers reverse views like those seen through the periscopes of German U-boats operating offshore of this region during World War II. The NC Maritime Museum at Southport houses the only periscope on public view in North Carolina.

Dive Helmet
The N.C. Maritime Museum has a full line up of programs and special events like the Monthly 3rd Tuesday events which offer the adult life long learner fun and informative opportunities to explore the area's history. A full calendar of hands on programs for children run year-round.

Admission:  Free

Hours of Operations:   Tuesday thru Saturday- 9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

NC Maritime Museum @ Southport

104 E. Moore Street

Southport, NC 28461