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April 22, 2020

Oak Island Beachfront

Welcome to the Southport-Oak Island North Carolina Area Chamber of Commerce Web site. We invite you to visit our North Carolina beaches, tucked away on the southeastern coast of the Brunswick Islands, offering both the vacationer, resident and investor a pleasant coastal experience. Our community is comprised of six municipalities -- the towns of Caswell Beach, Oak Island (Long Beach and Yaupon Beach) and the Village of Bald Head Island combine for over 28 miles of sandy beaches and some of the most visible lighthouses in North Carolina. For over 200 years the historic coastal community of Southport has guarded the mouth of the Cape Fear River and continues to be the lightkeeper of its history. Boiling Spring Lakes, one of the fastest growing cities in our area, takes its name from the over 50 bubbling spring lakes. The newly incorporated Town of St. James lies along the Intracoastal Waterway and marsh land.

The Southport-Oak Island Area is positioned in North Carolina's coastal region just above Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in Brunswick County.  Located in the southeastern corner of the North Carolina's Brunswick Islands, the Southport-Oak Island Area includes eight unique communities. These communities are: Bald Head Island, Boiling Spring Lakes, Bolivia, Caswell Beach, Oak Island, Southport, Saint James & Sunset Harbor. We truly are “Picture Perfect in any Season”.  But don't take the Chamber's word for it, we asked residents and visitors to use three words to describe why they love our area and here is a sample of what they said: "Oasis of Serenity", "Mother Nature's Playground", "So Incredibly Peaceful", "God's Perfect Landscape", "Heaven on Earth", "Revives My Soul", and "My Safe Haven".

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